With a view to showcasing our beautiful main streets and utilising the empty spaces within our CBD, we put a call out to local agents to source interest in shining a light on the spaces on offer in a new and engaging way. L J Colquhoun Dixon were immediate in their support of our concept and we set to collaborating with local artists and galleries.

What has ensued is an interesting and exciting display of the talent we have in our community! We have created a trail, encouraging visitors to the region and locals to take a stroll through our beautiful town and soak in some fabulous art.

The four buildings we are shining a light on are central to our CBD on Dean Street and easy walking distance. All are available for lease.

5/557 Dean Street (AMP Lane) – Marni Korneluk

437 Dean Street – Gigs Gallery showcasing several amazing artists

537 Dean Street – Gigs Gallery showcasing several amazing artists

600 Dean Street – Natalie Ord

Marni Korneluk







Marni is a local artist here in Albury / Wodonga who specialises in realism and has the ability to breathe life into drawings by the pencil stroke.

What began as therapeutic drawing for a busy mum quickly ignited an old passion and uncovered a treasure trove of buried skull and creative force.

Through hours and hours of practice and many mistakes, Marni has refined her skill with her chosen medium, creating pieces that connect to her personally. By drawing the artists and musicians who inspire her Marni allows her striking talent and hard work for realism to emerge.

Marni has had a very successful 2018 with her art most recently being featured in GO Local Magazine and Well-being Magazine. Marni had her first exhibition at The Secret Cup in Wodonga where 90% of available artworks sold, she has collaborated with many other local artists and completed a number of wall murals and private commissions.

There are bigger plans in store for Marni in 2019 as she embarks on a plan to increase the size of her drawings and introduce colour to her repertoire.

Workshops and private tuition are also in the works.

Please take the time to enjoy and appreciate the drawings on display and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Marni can be contacted via:

0400 460 555

Email: m.korneluk@hotmail.com

FB: Marni Korneluk – Artist

Instagram: marnikornelukartist




The GIGS Art Gallery formed in 2003 and is a community not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers that aims to actively engage the Albury and Wodonga community in art and cultural activities.

GIGS Art Gallery and Studios officially opened in March 2010 as a result of a recognised need on the part of the community arts organisations led by Arts Wodonga and the City of Wodonga for the creation of an arts and cultural centre which would bring the majority of arts organisations together in the one place for the benefit of the local and regional communities.

The realisation of the GIGS Art Gallery’s part in the Gateway Village arts precinct has been made possible through volunteer support and the support of The City of Wodonga.  The GIGS Art Gallery was established for the benefit of contemporary artists living within the North East region of Victoria and the Southern region of NSW with the aim of providing exhibition and consignment gallery space, studio and workshop space in support of artists production and sale of work.


FB: GIGS Art Gallery

Tracie MacVean









Tracie’s paintings question our role in relation with the natural world and how we perceive ourselves to create deeply conceptual and thought-provoking works.

Environmental themes have always dominated her paintings yet a passion for the human form is ever present to create a sense of either unity or conflict between human beings and nature.

Paintings are infused with raw emotion as viewers are drawn in by the layers of meaning in each work. Primarily using oils, Tracie often combines mixed media and regularly runs classes from her studio at GIGS Gallery and Studios, which is open to the public.

Tracie can be contacted via:

Email: tmacvean@hotmail.com
FB: Tracie MacVean
Instagram: traciemacveanartwork

Christina Zei










Christina is an Albury based Visual Artist. She is a member of Arts Wodonga (GIGS), Albury Wodonga Artists’ Society (AWAS), Alpine Artist at Bright, Creators Art Space and a Friend of Gallery 294, Corowa.

In her travels, Christina searches for conditions that imprint the character of the area into her memory, and the serenity that pervades her paintings reflects her inner sense of excitement to interpret the visions.

Colour helps to penetrate the 2 dimensions by creating a silent healing depth of her inner self.
Like a contemplative meditative quality creating a peaceful state, it is an appreciation for the moment in time with colour predominating and affecting moods and energy.

Christie can be contacted via:

Instagram: zei_art

Erika Grimes









Erika Grimes is an accomplished painter and designer who, through her unique abilities, is able to enhance the world as she sees it. Raised in Alaska but currently residing in Albury NSW, Australia, Erika garners inspiration from the beauty around her.

She is especially influenced by the incredible Aurora Borealis, and her paintings are known for their masterful use of blended colour, swift movement, and passion that is evident in every piece. Colour is her passion and the medium through which she connects with the world.

In Erika’s words, “Colours evoke emotions and transcend thoughts – they are a direct link to your soul”. As an artist, Erika uses paint and canvas to illustrate feelings that mere words struggle to represent. Her favourite quote is from the actor / dancer Danny Kaye – “Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint you can at it.”

Her paintings hang proudly in many homes and offices around the world. They have also been used to create wearable art and stunningly colourful homewares. Her jewellery and other artistic creations are much sought after. She has had work commissioned by the City of Port Phillip and works as the Gallery Coordinator at GIGS Art Gallery.

Janene Castillo







In life, we have all learnt to respond and react to our outer world.
In contrast, I seek to explore my inner world. By digging deep and mining into my inner self I unearth deeper and deeper subtle layers of myself.

I allow the discoveries to emerge and be expressed using the medium at hand whether that be painting, drawing, sculpture or writing. The medium is secondary to the desire to express what is inside and bring it the surface into a tangible form.

Images and words develop and grow intuitively and, as in life and nature, the colours and textures combine in unique and often beautiful forms.

John Osmond










Starting with the day my mother placed a Box Brownie in my hands when I was six years old, I’ve had a love
of photography. Later helping my father in his dark-room I learned about the volatilities of chemicals and the
handling of negatives.

In the early years I borrowed his Nikon FT2 before purchasing my first SLR, the Nikon
FG. I captured family, friends and the landscape around Albury/Wodonga.

My aspirations tend toward capturing the light in the landscape and conceptual photography. The Southern
Riverina, just across the border of Victoria has a diversity that is eye-catching; fast flowing creeks and the
broader Murray River.

Some of the world’s greatest photographers inspire me: Ansell Adams, Edward and Brett Weston, Max
Dupain, Francesca Woodman, Olegas Truchenas and Peter Dombrovskis; to the contemporary masters –
Christian Fletcher, Richard White, and Mark Grey.

Imperative to my work is the journey. It is the combination of so many things; being in the right place at the
right time, even if it means leaving home before dawn and returning after dark.

It is the concept of an image, research and planning, finding form and texture, the balance of light and shadow, and a hard-won technique
that facilitates the realisation of a job well done, a picture worth the effort.

You can contact John via:

Mobile: 0427 217 854
Email: john@jo-photography.com.au
Website: www.jo-photography.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/John.Osmond.Photography
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/johnosmondphotography

Neil Hartles







In 2015 Neil Hartles completed the Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts at distinction level from TAFE NSW Riverina Institute in Albury.
Since then he has worked full-time as an artist.

In November 2017 he held his second solo exhibition at GIGS Gallery, Wodonga.

Painting is his passion, oil and acrylic on canvas is his preferred medium. He is also highly skilled in metalwork and furniture building and has four pieces in the MAMA collection, Albury.
As a fourth generation metalworker, working with metal and blacksmithing comes naturally to Neil, it is in his blood. He has also sold numerus metal sculptures and paintings to private collections.

You can contact Neil via:

Email: neilhartles11@gmail.com

Natalie Ord







Nat Ord’s passion for environment, place, and personal stories meld together in her environmental portraiture.  As a photographic storyteller, Nat’s aesthetic is impressionable and always predetermined by her subject and their story. This dictates where, when and how she gets her capture to best portray the narrative at hand.

Over the past decade of mostly self-directed photographic exploration, Nat has gone from detailing flora in the Victorian Alps and bush land, to shooting notable musicians live, to getting amongst rush hour crowds in Tokyo and everything in between.  Her subjects and environments are extensive and limitless, as are the techniques she uses and the aesthetics she employs, fundamentally to portray her story and message.

Nat’s commercial work is located at Manifeasto Photography

Website: natord.com.au
FB: https://www.facebook.com/natordartist
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nat.ord/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalie-ord-headshot-and-commercial-photographer-2aa7a749/