Racing Couture in the heart of AlburyCBD

Jillian Franklin is an internationally renowned couture house, specialising in the creation of exquisitely crafted handmade gowns for the discerning bride. For over three decades, Jillian has provided a bespoke dressmaking service using traditional couture techniques complemented by contemporary styling.

At the heart of our design process is the wearer. We work collaboratively with our brides using traditional couture techniques to create garments that reflect the unique essence of each woman.

Jillian Franklin specialises in custom made bridal gowns, however she does love the opportunity to dive into something colourful and fun.Over the years Jill has dressed various border well known faces such as Alex Pike, Sarah Caruthers, Leah Cassidy and Linda McQualter. With these ladies winning fabulous awards for their looks! 

Jill recommends getting in early, a good six months is needed to get your look just right. She recommends soaking in the fashions this year and formulating your plan for ricking fashions on the field 2020! Working with some of the regions most talented milliners, creatives and accessories businesses, JFC really can assist you in completing your complete look. Her thoughts of fashion 2019: I have seen a real shift to classic elegance. Beautiful clean lines and block colours. We love to work with the milliners to create a flawless complete look.

Keep an eye on Jill’s socials for the launch of her newest collection later in the year. For the first time she will be launching a range of ready to wear gowns.  This will be in perfect timing to get you Gold Cup ready for 2020.

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