Top tips for your best tan!


A spray tan has really become an essential part of special occasion planning! Especially for a social outing where the focus is on fashion such as the Albury Gold Cup. We have put together some great advice for getting the best out of your tan and ensuring it last the distance streak free!

  • Book your tan a good two days before your event date to allow it to settle and for you to adjust to your new colour tone and try your make-up for the big day! There’s still time to book one of our fabulous local businesses.
  • Before tan prep should include hair removal and some all over body exfoliation. The day before!
  • On the day ensure you do not wear deodorant and that you bring loose fitting clothes and thongs to wear home. Looking for longevity from your tan investment you need to moisturise every day! Here’s the how to’s from a professional!

Fabulous “Fashion Fingers” gave us their tanning tips below and are also offering an awesome special for Gold Cup: $29 Spray Tan (20-21 March), message Fashion Fingers via their Facebook page to book in … quick!



24hrs Prior:
  • Shave or wax to remove unwanted body hair.
  • Exfoliate entire body with mild, oil free exfoliant.
  • Pack your spray tanning bag: hair tie, black underwear, dark loose fitting clothing – we recommend Kaftan Tan Dresses which are available in store! Thongs & an umbrella (in case of bad weather).
The day of your tan:
  • Shower, but do not apply body oils, perfume, deodorant or moisturizer to skin as this can create a barrier on your skin.
  • Wear clothing to and from your spray tanning appointment that are dark in colour, preferably black and loose fitting (cotton clothing) to avoid excess contact or staining to your clothing after your spray tan. Once again we recommend a Kaftan Tanning Dress!!
Do not wear tight fitting jeans, pants, or shorts, or light synthetic fabrics to your appointment.  It is advisable to wear thongs to and from your spray tan appointment.  Disposable thongs are available at the salon complimentary. As are disposable g-strings.
After your tan appointment you can shower off the “excess” – your tan therapist will advise you of how long to wait before showering. The tan will continue to develop after this shower for up to 8-12hrs. You may get out of the shower looking as if you haven’t been tanned – DO NOT PANIC – this is a common occurrence as your tan takes up to 8hrs to fully develop. After this time we recommend you Moisturise morning and evening to keep you tan looking amazing and for a nice even fade.

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