4 tips for being an expert gift giver this Christmas

With the holiday gifting season not far away, you might already be starting your Christmas gift list. The list can quickly get long for friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and teachers, and knowing what to get for each person can be a challenge. If you’ve got picky people on your Christmas list, our four tips for being an expert gift giver are here to help.

1. Interests v. needs

If you don’t know where to start, thinking about what the recipient’s interests and needs are can help. This will give you a solid foundation to begin your gift search.  

2. Experiences

Buying for someone who already has everything they could want or need? Or maybe that special someone doesn’t like ‘things’ cluttering their home. Why not buy them an experience, like a night at one of our AlburyCBD hotels? A few other experiences you can find in Albury CBD include:

Experiences are great gift ideas because they are memorable and often something people won’t buy for themselves.

3. Something they won’t buy for themselves

Speaking of things someone wouldn’t buy for themselves, this is a great place to start for gift ideas. These are usually a little more indulgent and can make a memorable gift that the recipient will remember.

Here are a few ideas you can find in Albury CBD:

4. Gift cards aren’t a cop-out

Gift cards can sometimes get a bad rap as being a last-minute gift when you’ve forgotten to get something or as the easy way out of putting thought into buying the perfect gift. Those notions couldn’t be further from the truth. Gift cards, especially the AlburyCBD Gift Card, can be well-thought-out and meaningful gifts.  

When was the last time you tried to buy a pair of shoes for a family member or friend you knew they wanted but wound up getting the wrong size? What about treating a friend to a night at their favourite restaurant or the latest blockbuster movie, but you want them to be able to choose the day that works best for them? 

These are just a few examples of where a gift card shows you know exactly what they would love to receive; you’re giving them the choice to make it their own.

More than 80 businesses accept AlburyCBD gift cards, with more added all the time. When you purchase an AlburyCBD gift card, you’re helping to keep money local while supporting our retailers, hospitality and service providers. AlburyCBD gift cards can be purchased from multiple locations in Albury CBD.

If you’re looking for workplace gift ideas, you can buy AlburyCBD Gift Cards in bulk from our card provider, Why Leave Town. You can also purchase single gift cards online.


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