Albury’s Opulent Spa Hotel Set to Expand

With the overseas travel plans of many Australians put on hold, attention has been turned to luxury destinations here at home 

Rather than head to Daylesford in Victoria for an indulgent spa experience, the owners of Albury’s CIRCA 1928 Hotel and Spa are luring visitors to the border.

Since Kevin and Ririn Yaxley transformed the historic Commonwealth Bank property into a ‘next level’ luxury boutique hotel and day spa, they’ve quickly re-defined what it means to be spoilt in a regional city.

Ririn Yaxley says with the overseas travel plans of many Australians put on hold, they have turned their attention to luxury destinations such as CIRCA 1928.

“Our offering here is really unique – our décor and suites are quirky and different and lots of guests here feel like they are in Asia or Africa,” Ririn said.

“Many people have the budget to pick nice places around Australia to stay, so if they cannot travel overseas, this property is seen as a close get away,” Ririn said.

Taking the theme of the building’s 1928 heritage, the Dean Suite features exceptional touches such as art from 1928 born art icon Pro Hart and the Stanley Suite which pays tribute to Andy Warhol, who was also born in 1928. The owners are also working on expansion.

“We plan to do another two suites, and if everything goes well we will keeping adding,” Ririn said.

“Kevin is always sitting down and doing drafts and we’re playing around with drawings. It would be cool if eventually we could achieve that and it would be lovely for Albury to bring more visitors to the region.”

The owners also hope to spread the word far and away about their spa offering.

 “Instead of going to Daylesford, try something different in Albury,” Ririn said.

“Every package is a wonderful treatment where you don’t have to rush, and when you finish you can enjoy a drink or a platter and just relax.”

It’s clear that Albury’s CIRCA 1928 Hotel and Spa is becoming an attraction in its own right.

“We have visitors and travel writers saying ‘thank you’ for bringing something like to this regional Australia, ‘it’s just what we need,’ Ririn said.

“When you get that support it’s wonderful.”


Produced by Border Cafe in partnership with AlburyCBD