Celebrating the Golden Oldies of AlburyCBD

While there is always something new happening in Albury CBD we’re taking the time to celebrate the enduring businesses that have called the CBD home for over 25 years.

These establishments are more than just commercial entities; they are integral to the fabric of the Albury community, embodying resilience, adaptation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Withstanding economic fluctuations, evolving consumer trends, and the test of time, these businesses have remained steadfast, adapting and innovating while upholding their core values and dedication to serving Albury visitors and residents alike.

Image supplied by Regent Cinemas Albury Wodonga

Regent Cinemas Albury Wodonga

Established nearly one hundred years ago, Regent Cinemas has evolved from a single-screen theatre to a prestigious nine-screen multiplex, offering an expansive cinematic experience. With five traditional cinemas, two luxurious Gold Class cinemas, the family-friendly Regent Junior cinema, the Regent Lounge, and Cinema 1 (a heritage-listed theatre featuring its original decorative detailing) Regent Cinemas stands as Albury Wodonga’s premier family entertainment destination.

Since opening its doors to the public in 1927, Regent Cinemas has been a pillar of the Albury Wodonga community, adapting alongside the city’s growth and development. Acquired by the Smith family in the 1930s, it has remained under their dedicated ownership and operation for three generations.

While the city centre has undergone many transformations, Regent Cinemas has remained a steadfast presence, continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of the community. Drawing diverse audiences from all ages and backgrounds with varied tastes, the establishment is renowned for offering a wide range of viewing options and exceptional service to moviegoers.

Regent Cinemas has not only stood the test of time as a premier entertainment destination but has also actively contributed to the cultural enrichment of Albury Wodonga. Throughout its history, the beloved venue has fostered multigenerational bonds, where grandparents have shared their first cinema experience with grandchildren in the very same theatres. This enduring legacy makes Regent Cinemas a truly special place cherished by multiple generations of the Albury Wodonga community.

Address: 456 Dean St
Website: www.regentcinemas.com.au
Facebook: Regent Cinemas Albury Wodonga
Instagram: @regentcinemasalbury

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Lighting Bonanza

Lighting Bonanza is a privately owned family business specialising in lighting solutions for local residences and businesses and remains a cherished fixture in Albury’s retail landscape. With deep-rooted expertise and knowledge amassed over three decades, Lighting Bonanza has become a trusted name within the community.

As members of an independent lighting retailer group, Lighting Bonanza benefits from a strong network of suppliers, both local and international. This affiliation ensures access to a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices, providing customers with exceptional value. The business also has a strong relationship with local electricians and builders who often seek their advice.

Located in a heritage-listed building that is over a century old, Lighting Bonanza’s Dean St location not only showcases its extensive range of lighting fixtures but also serves as a hub for inspiration and creativity in lighting design. Despite challenges posed by online retail and recent global events, the business emphasises that maintaining a physical presence is crucial. Nothing can replace a tactile experience, where customers can witness products in person, unlike online platforms that are limited to static images.

Driven by a commitment to genuinely helping people and a passion for lighting solutions, Lighting Bonanza continues to thrive and withstand the test of time, remaining an important part of the Albury community.

Address: 453 Dean St
Email: sales@lightingbonanza.com.au
Website: www.lightingbonanza.com.au
Facebook: Lighting Bonanza Albury
Instagram: @lightingbonanza453

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Eden Lawyers
Image supplied by Lighting Bonanza

Image source: Facebook

Taco Bill

Taco Bill has remained an integral part of Albury CBD for almost four decades, proudly part of the Taco Bill Franchise. Over the years, they have witnessed many changes in the CBD’s landscape, watching various businesses come and go. Amidst these changes, Taco Bill has remained a steadfast and cherished establishment, deeply ingrained in the fabric of the local community.

Operating a business for such a substantial period demands unwavering dedication and sacrifice, qualities that Taco Bill exemplifies daily. Their commitment to delivering authentic Mexican cuisine has been a consistent delight for guests. Beyond their culinary offerings, Taco Bill distinguishes itself with unparalleled customer service, ensuring each guest enjoys a memorable experience. Embodying their mantra, ‘Hey Hey Taco Bill, My Happy Place’, the restaurant radiates a warm and inviting atmosphere where guests feel at home.

As pioneers of Mexican cuisine in Australia, Taco Bill introduced Albury to the vibrant flavours and festive ambience of south-of-the-border dining. From their iconic fish bowls and endless margarita flavours to their signature meals such as hearty burritos and sizzling fajitas, every dish reflects their dedication to authenticity and flavour.

Throughout Taco Bill’s tenure, it has stood as an emblem of resilience, quality and community spirit. Their enduring presence on Dean Street symbolises more than just a place to dine – it represents a cherished gathering spot where generations of locals and visitors alike have created lasting memories.

As Albury CBD continues to thrive and grow, Taco Bill remains an integral part of the community, embodying the essence of great food, lively spirits and warm hospitality.

Address: 443 Dean St
Phone: 02 6021 2750
Website: www.tacobill.com.au
Instagram: @tacobillmexican
Facebook: Taco Bill Mexican Albury

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