Find your way to a new era of holistic wellbeing with Found and Erin Ryan Skin

When it’s time for a little relaxation and the space to unwind, you’ll find what you need at Found. Previously known as Luxe Skin Clinic, Found is the next iteration of holistic beauty and wellbeing on the border.
We sat down with Found’s Erin Ryan to learn why Found is more than just a rebrand, it’s a new way of thinking about and approaching wellness, holistic beauty, and internal health.

If you’re familiar with Luxe Skin Clinic, you’ll probably know about its advanced skin treatments and paramedical approach to treating all types of skin concerns, from acne to aging and everything in between. Since opening Luxe over 10 years ago, Erin and her team have been committed to bringing an unparalleled wellness experience to clients from Albury and the surrounding area, creating a space where everyone is welcome.

“The industry for skin has changed a lot since COVID, and basically, Luxe has been split into two areas,” Found Wellness and Erin Ryan Skin’s Erin said.

The Found experience

First and foremost, Found is a relaxation space offering a small range of highly curated beauty and body treatments, including massage, Vanessa Megan and DMK Enzyme facials; epiblading; waxing, tanning, lashes and brows; and a sauna.

For more advanced treatments, look no further than Erin Ryan Skin.

“There’s the clinic (Erin Ryan Skin) where I offer more advanced treatments. These are all results-driven and performed by senior dermal therapists. Given what I’ve learned over the last 10 years, it’s putting it all together so we can get better results. For example, how we treat acne now is very different to how we treated it five years ago.”

Erin and her team know that good skin starts from within. As part of the holistic approach to looking and feeling your best, Erin has developed partnerships with other local businesses to achieve better results for her clients.

Erin works closely with compounding pharmacy Formulae Albury to provide laser and corrective treatments for their clients. In turn, Formulae provides gut health and hormone testing for Erin’s clients to inform treatment plans.

“It’s about getting the best results for our clients, not about competing. That’s why we joined forces to collaborate. I can’t do what they do, and they can’t do what I do here.”

A harmonious relationship

Found and Erin Ryan Skin work together in perfect harmony to help clients achieve their goals, forming the bedrock of the holistic wellness approach. So much of what goes on with the skin is driven by what’s happening within the body. Reducing stress and improving overall wellness are both key components of healthy skin.

“Found is a space that’s all about relaxation. The skin treatments we do here are still results-driven, but the body treatments are more about relaxation and holistic wellness. I knew I couldn’t get the results I wanted in the clinic without helping clients manage stress and what’s happening internally.”

With rooms for additional beauty and wellness therapists to join the space and plans to welcome new providers, the services and treatments Found offers will only continue to grow.

You can find Found on Instagram and Facebook, and Erin Ryan Skin on Instagram, and both are located at 427 Swift Street. Book online and explore the full range of treatments available at

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