Meet the Business Owner: Sam Coe from Sam’s Family Café

A mum of four who wanted to create a welcoming place for everyone, Sam Coe has opened Albury’s newest all-inclusive café where it’s all about good food, good service and place to simply be. Sam’s Family Café serves simple, delicious food with a menu designed to bring back memories of a simpler time.
AlburyCBD: Tell us a little about yourself, Sam.

Sam: I started in hospitality 25 years ago. I absolutely love it and have always wanted to have my own place. I’m a mum of four, and my youngest has additional needs with Autism and ADHD. I noticed at the start of this year that I don’t take my youngest anywhere because he’s loud and he runs around. S that’s where this was born. It’s a place that’s mine, but not just mine, but it’s the family’s café that eventually my kids might run. It’s a place where my son can be comfortable to just be himself and where other people can come in to just be themselves. That’s how Sam’s Café was born.

AlburyCBD: You’re big on normal, everyday food. How did that come about and what’s the response been?

Sam: The response has been great for it. That also came about from my youngest having a very limited diet and the things he would and wouldn’t eat. Sometimes you just want a simple toasted sandwich or a schnitzel burger. It’s about that simple, homely food that makes you feel good. Twenty years ago, cafes is the feel of the food and where the menu comes from.

Our chef says, “I don’t make food, I cook memories,” because you’ll eat something and it will remind you of something from years ago.

AlburyCBD: You’ve been open for a few months now, what’s that journey been like so far?

Sam: Sam’s Family Café opened at the end of April. It’s been a journey and it’s been fun, and it’s been better than I expected it to be. The local community is amazing and has been so supportive. The regular customers and the CBD businesses check in to see how we’re going and bring a lot of support and can’t wait to see what we’ve changed with the décor or what this week’s specials are. It’s been busier than I expected it to be, especially being winter.

AlburyCBD: How important is it for you to have a space where families can come with their kids and not have to worry about disturbing other diners?

Sam: It’s going really well. We had a lady who came in last week and apologised because her little one was being running around, but we don’t mind. As long as they are being safe, we don’t mind and a lot of people have been surprised at how relaxed we are.

There’s a dedicated kid’s section towards the back of the café where kids can read or play a game, keeping the relaxed setting the front of the café for diners.

AlburyCBD: What’s your favourite item on the menu?

Sam: At the moment, it’s the chicken souvlaki special. On the regular menu, it’s the eggs benedict.

You can find Sam’s Family Cafe at 556 Olive St. You can order ahead on Menulog and keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram

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