New Flavour for an Old Favourite, say Hello to Season to Taste

For eight years, Barry and Carol Young have been the dedicated owners of The Essential Ingredient at 473A Dean St.
Now, as they prepare to transition to an exciting new chapter as an independent brand, Season to Taste, we spoke with Barry to learn more about their journey and the exciting changes ahead.

The Essential Ingredient has been an Albury staple for over 20 years and is part of the fabric of the local retail and culinary community. There is always something new to discover, and it’s a treasure trove of ingredients, cookbooks, equipment, knowledge and inspiration for anyone who walks through the doors. Since purchasing the store in 2016, Barry and Carol have made significant changes to its look and focus, evolving the product range to better serve customers

“We’ve always operated quite independently, even within the franchise model,” Barry shares. “So, moving to an independent store just felt like a natural progression for us. We handle all the purchasing ourselves, and with the help of our amazing team, it made sense to continue on this path.”

New name, same passion

Despite the shift, the essence of the store will remain the same. “We’ll still have access to the Essential Ingredient brands, so the store’s look and feel won’t change much. You’ll see the same friendly faces and a product range that continues to grow.”

The inspiration behind the new name, Season to Taste, stems from their passion for food and cooking. “We wanted a name that resonated with the culinary community. ‘Season to taste’ is a common phrase in menus and cooking circles, symbolising the preparation and sharing of food. It encapsulates our brand perfectly.”

The rebrand is currently in progress, with new signage and a new name announced on social media in June. Importantly for customers, there won’t be any major changes during the transition, with the team staying the same, the same level of service, and the same great range of products on offer.

“Initially, there won’t be many noticeable changes. We’re really happy with our current offering and our team’s engagement with customers. We’ll continue supporting the Essential Ingredient product range while introducing more exciting options. Over time, you’ll see an increased and more exciting product range.”

Seasonal focus

The Essential Ingredient gift cards can still be redeemed online or at another The Essential Ingredient store, and they will continue to be part of the AlburyCBD gift card program.

The seasonal nature of their offerings remains a key focus. In winter, home cooking, especially slow cooking, becomes popular. Products like cast iron cookware and bread-baking supplies are in high demand. As the weather warms, they shift their focus to barbecuing and warm-weather friendly products.

It’s been a busy time for Barry and Carol, with the growth and success of their other venture, Murray Towns Brewing Co. and the recent opening of their brew house on Gateway Island. While the two businesses remain separate, customers can order their favourite Murray Towns brew to be included in gift hampers purchased at Season to Taste.

Season to Taste officially opened on 1 July and you can keep up with the progress and everything else they’ve got going on Instagram and Facebook.

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All images supplied by Season to Taste