Powering through a tumultuous two years, SportsPower Albury has your sporting needs covered

Eight months after relocating from Olive Street – where the business had been for over 25 years – Andrew and the SportsPower Albury team have settled into their new location at the east end of Dean Street.  

While their new doors were only open for a few days in August 2021 before the Covid-19 lockdowns, the relocation has been positive thanks to increased exposure and access to parking and foot traffic. Already a popular end of town with great places to eat and grab a coffee, the move to 3/435 Dean Street has been good for the business and has helped the team create a great community around them. 

“Like every industry, there have been challenges along the way, but it’s still been really positive so far. It’s ticking all the boxes we hoped,” Andrew said. 

Lockdowns haven’t been the only struggle, with supply chain issues causing delays in summer stock, with items arriving months later than they were originally intended to. Now that the winter sports season is well and truly underway, there has been a short supply of footy boots, and netball shoes which suppliers have assured are only a short-term issue. 

“We are starting to see our winter product which is good because that was the concern. Some of our summer stuff was so late, we were receiving our summer orders that were supposed to be here in September or October arriving in February,” Andrew said.  

Coming out of two years of interrupted sporting seasons, it’s essential for businesses and community well-being that the current season is off to a good start without any major interruptions. It’s not only the commercial aspect for businesses, Andrew says but the social aspect. Especially for families with kids who struggled to understand why they couldn’t play sport on the weekends or why not everyone could come and watch due to restrictions. 

Now that everything is getting back to normal, when it comes to having the right apparel and equipment, Andrew’s advice is to go with what works for you and what’s comfortable. He also says to make sure you’re looking after your feet and wearing the appropriate footwear for your activities because that’s where most problems come from. 

The SportsPower Albury team have established relationships with local podiatrists and physios to help customers get the right advice from professionals and then come into the store and buy the recommended equipment.  

“If you’re trying something new, just make sure you’re looking after your feet because that’s where all the problems come from. Equipment-wise, it’s a personal thing depending on how long you’ve been doing things. That’s what we’re here for, just to help and guide and make sure the individual’s needs are met,” Andrew said. 

For Andrew, the best part about running the business is supporting the community and sponsoring several clubs in the area.  

“We’re part of the community. Yes, we’re a business, but we live in it. We’ve got kids who are involved in the sports. We try to give back by sponsoring lots of different clubs and that sort of thing.” 

SportsPower Albury is open 7 days a week, visit their website for opening hours. 

Produced by Rhiannon Veness in partnership with AlburyCBD